Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mathilde Blouse

Hello everyone! Here I am again with a new garment :) One of my favourite sewing blog is Tilly and the Buttons and since a couple of weeks, she is selling the Mathilde Blouse and I felt in love with it. 
Bonjour à tous! Me revoilà à nouveau avec un autre morceau :) L'un de mes blogs couture préféré est celui de Tilly and the Buttons et depuis quelques temps, elle vend la Mathilde Blouse et j'en suis tombée amoureuse.  

If you don't really know what to sew next, YOU HAVE TO buy this pattern and do it! It's so easy and thanks to Tilly, she is showing every steps of the realization and all the "how to" on her blog, with photos and everything for the beginning sewers! One of the first steps is to design my one Mathilde Blouse. I looked on the Internet and found a dress that Vanessa Hudgens was wearing on Access Hollywood and I automatically knew that I wanted my blouse to be some kind of a floral-peace-indie-bohem style. 
Si vous ne savez pas quoi coudre, VOUS DEVEZ acheter son patron et le coudre! C'est si facile et merci à Tilly, elle présente sur son blog toutes les étapes de réalisations et les ''comment faire" (anglais seulement), avec tous pleins de photos pour les couturières débutantes! Une des premières étapes et de décider du style de la bouse . J'ai cherché sur Internet et j'ai trouvé une robe que portait Vanessa Hudgens dans Access Hollywood et j'ai su tout de suite que je voulais ma Mathilde Blouse avec un style une peu fleurit-paix-indie-bohème.

The Facts :
Fabric : Cotton and some kind of a gold lace fabric. 
Pattern: Mathilde Blouse
Year: 2013
Notions: 7 buttons
Time to complete: 2 days, but not so many hours!
First worn: Already worn :) I just love it.
Wear again? Oh yes I will.
Total price: 30$ + pattern.
Les faits : 
Tissu : Coton et un tissu un peu en dentelle dorée.
Patron : Mathilde Blouse
Année : 2013
Notions : 7 boutons
Temps pour compléter : 2 jours, mais pas beaucoup d'heures!
Première fois porté : Déjà porté :) Je l'aime tellement
Penses-tu le porter encore? Oh oui!
Prix total : 30$ + patron

I'm really thinking about others because the pattern is just amazingly awesome! The only modification that I made is that I cut 4 inches out for the sleeves because they were a bit too puffy.  And I'm seeing progress with my sewing skills so I'm just happy with all this! 
Je pense encore m'en refaire plusieurs car le patron est simplement juste trop bien! La seule modification que j'ai fait c'est d'avoir enlevé 4 pouces pour chaque manche car je les trouvaient un peu trop bouffantes. Et en plus je vois du progrès dans mes talents en couture alors je suis simplement heureuse avec tout ça! 

My brother and I, the one that is taking every pictures on my blog, the one that I love :) 
Mon frère et moi, celui qui prend toutes les photos sur mon blog, lui que j'aime :) 

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


  1. Wow totally gorgeous! You are making some beautiful outfits! I need to make some more tops I might look into getting it. Love your version though and the front flower detail is so pretty!!

  2. Just wonderful ! Good job girl !

  3. Very cute top!

    What a nice brother!

  4. Very lovely! I really like it, I have been looking at the pattern for a while now, I think I'm going to buy it after your version ;) Just a question: did you have to take the blouse in at the waist? It's more fitted on you than other sewers' versions.

    1. I looked at the measures of the finished garment to choose my size and the only modifications that i've done are to cut out 4 inches of each handles and I cut a bit on each side of the top, but if you choose your size according of the finished garment, it should be fine I guess (I can be wrong, but it worked well for me).
      Happy sewing !! :)

  5. so cute! love the embroidery on the yoke

  6. The top is very cute and I've been debating buying it. I think I'll try to make the patterns I have first, then maybe.

    It's so nice of your brother to take your photos for you!

  7. great top! :) When u cut the 4 inches off on the arms, how did u do it? o u have to adjust the upper part of the sleeve too?

    1. When you have your sleeves, you cut 4 inches at the bottom, but you do not touch the top. This way, you form a triangle in the corner of your sleeve that will be removed. Hard to describe without pictures, but if you have other questions, just ask!

  8. I came across your blogg after the making of my second Mathilde blouse (on the makers gallery of Tilly), and I thought your version is amazing! It looks great on you! I will follow your blog as you have so many wonderfull things made! Feel free to stop by my blog:)